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Coral Water
Coral Water
Contents: 5 packs, each with 6 sachets of 1 g
(total 30 sachets).
Brand: MARINE BIO CO. LTD, Japan
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CORAL WATER® product is used to prepare healthy drinking water from ordinary tap water.

Due to their natural qualities, Sango corals cleanse water from harmful impurities and chlorine, raise the pH of the water, release 74 minerals into the water in an ionic, easily digestible form, structure the water, and structured water more easily penetrates the cell and more easily delivers nutrition in the form of minerals.


Since 1963, a Japanese company (Marine Bio Co..LTD), accredited by the Japanese government for the extraction and processing of Sango corals, which began to be used as a reagent to obtain healthy drinking water. Since 1995 Marine Bio Co..LTD has started to produce CORAL WATER product for home use.

In 2000, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES LLC was established to represent the product on the European market. In agreement with the manufacturer, the company registered the CORAL WATER trademark...
«Water is not necessary to life, but rather life itself».​
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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