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Announcer: Listening to this cassette can be the most important moment in your life. The story of coral calcium is spreading widely not only across North America but around the world. This amazing product can raise the pH of your body by moving it from acidic to alkaline. Even if you use vitamins, minerals or other nutritional supplements, you absolutely need to understand that all these nutrients cannot be absorbed to the required extent by the body, if its pH is even slightly acidic.
Keeping the body alkaline is its most important biological function. If the body is not alkaline, it is very difficult for the body to absorb enough nutrients to maintain optimal health, and you only lose most of your money in purchasing nutritional supplements. a significant part of them is not assimilated.
Coral calcium came to us from the Japanese island of Okinawa. Coral calcium studies and results have caused the number of Japanese people to consume it to rise to 4 million last year. Now people across America are getting the same wonderful results from its use. Let's hear from Dr. Robert Barefoot, a renowned chemist, holder of a number of international patents, author of the book: "The Calcium Factor, the Scientific Secret to Health and Youth." Listen to him on the phone with Bob Bremner, where he explains what coral calcium is and what it means.

Bob Bremner: I would like to introduce you to Robert Barefoot. He is the author of The Calcium Factor. The Secret of Youth and Health. He is a chemist ", holder of a number of patents. He is also the author of another book, but today we will talk about calcium and how important calcium is for us. Let's start our conversation about this secret of health. Bob, I know that you there is something to tell us about.

Bob Barefoot: Lord, my time has finally come! Calcium is the number one mineral in the human body in terms of quantity. In The Calcium Factor: The Secret to Youth and Health, my co-author and I explain hundreds of biochemical reasons why calcium is so important. And, of course, when you understand how important calcium is, how many functions it performs in the human body, how crucial it is for health, then you begin to understand the secret of health and the secret of youth.

Bob Bremner: It's very interesting. What is so important to us that calcium, other than being an essential element for building bones?

Bob Barefoot: Everyone knows calcium is bones. The word calcium comes from the Latin word "calx" - lime. The ancient Romans saw that everything around was held together with lime. Everyone knows that cement contains a large amount of calcium. Calcium is practically the "human glue" that holds the entire human body together. In its biochemical activity, it is similar to an octopus. It binds seven other molecules, but itself can only bind to water, like an octopus. No other ion is capable of this.

He has exactly the dimensions that allow him to enter and exit a human cage with ease, and then when he enters it, he carries with him a whole chain of nutrients that he leaves in the cage, and follows others. It's like a cable car of nutrients.
It is impossible to describe all the number of processes in which calcium is involved in the human body. That is why the biggest problem for scientists is finding out the reason why calcium in humans is becoming a scarce material. In other words, 50% of Americans in their 40s already have a calcium deficiency in their bodies and 90% have the same problem by their 60s.

One of the key calcium compounds in the body is a substance called calcium mono-orthophosphate. Its function is that it is a chemical buffer and constantly maintains the pH (pH) of the blood. No matter what happens to your blood, its pH will be constantly maintained at 7.45 thanks to this wonderful element called calcium.

Even if you add more acid, the pH will still be held at 7.45, and without it, you will die. Therefore, while maintaining this process, what happens in a person can be described in words: one blows out for the other. What does it mean? Only that when you do not consume enough calcium, your body begins to take calcium from the bones.

If this process continues, then the weakening of the human skeleton occurs. And the human sensors show, "Oh, we have a problem. A little more and we'll fall apart. We need to do something to strengthen it." And the human body begins to deposit calcium in the joints. Well, of course, for strengthening. The doctor, seeing this, says: "Hmmm. Too much calcium. It is necessary to reduce its intake." And this is a continuation of this chain reaction to decrease the calcium content.

In other words, it is not enough just to consume calcium, the main thing is to absorb it.

There is no other type of calcium. Calcium ~ is calcium. You can eat cement. And this is also calcium. But if you really compare foods that contain calcium, and especially those that contain calcium in a form ready for digestion, then there are practically no foods that we can compare with coral calcium.

Bob Bremner: Great! In your book, you talk about how a lack of calcium affects health, or rather, its deterioration, and about diseases caused by a lack of calcium. Why aren't we talking about the link between cancer and calcium deficiency?

Bob Barefoot: Well then. In this case, I would like to go to 1909, at the University of Pennsylvania. What were the surgeons doing at the time? Based on what is written in the cancer surgery literature, they put a leech on a cancerous tumor and within 20 minutes the tumor shrank fourfold. Then they cut off the tumor and put a tampon with caustic on the wound. After 20 minutes, they began to sew. And there were no relapses or metastases.

Today, more than 90% of people after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor have a chance that the development of cancer will not stop, but, on the contrary, will continue. But today they don't use caustics.

A man named Otto Warburg became so fascinated with the study of this process that he spent 24 years of his life studying it and in 1932 received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for proving that the process of advanced cancer is anaerobic. This means that when you cut off the oxygen supply, you stimulate the development of cancer, and the cessation of the oxygen supply makes the fluids in the human body acidic.

So he won the Nobel Prize for this, and in 1967, before he died, he worked with my co-author, Dr. Karl Rich, to research calcium-based cancer prevention. The fact is that in the late 40s, Dr. Karl Rich discovered that a large number of his patients with arthritis and other serious diseases suffered from calcium deficiency.

He gave them all kinds of calcium, vitamins in order to improve the absorption of calcium, and they got better. Patients came to him in wheelchairs, and after a few months they played golf for 9 hours in a row. When I met him in the 1980s, he came to me with a bunch of autopsy reports. He, a doctor, came to me, a chemist, because my specialization was biological calcium, and I knew the chemistry of calcium well.

This is what he told me: "I don't know what's going on. I ask you to read these 5 autopsy results." I read what he gave me. There was not the slightest hint of cancer in these 5 autopsy results. "So what," I asked. "And I have their medical history in my hands," continued Dr. Rich. "All of these people were suffering from cancer in the final stages. Due to the fact that they all had a lack of calcium, I struggled with this problem. They stopped having a calcium deficiency in the body and somehow they destroyed their cancer."

This is because calcium is the only element that makes your body slightly alkaline. This is due to calcium mono-orthophosphate. It is only he who reduces acidity. With the help of calcium, you neutralize the acid and in such an environment, cancer cannot survive. Every cancer scientist knows that cancer does not live in an alkaline environment. If you take a cancer and put it in an alkaline solution, after 3 hours the cancer is dead.

A very important detail that absolutely needs to be added: healthy cells will thrive in an alkaline environment because there is oxygen in an alkaline environment.

Look what happens: when you have a slightly acidic environment, then you absorb very little oxygen, and then when you have a slightly alkaline environment, then you will absorb 10-20 times more oxygen. The human body must be alkaline, and calcium is the key to maintaining this alkalinity.

What is most important here is that calcium is the "king of bio-elements". No other element has so many functions, and this is probably why God made calcium the main element of the human body.

Bob Bremner: It's incredible! But you also talk about heart disease in your book and how calcium deficiency can affect the development of heart disease.

Bob Barefoot: Oh yeah, and I want to "ask everyone listening now, if cholesterol is so bad, why not ask your doctors," Why am I not having problems with my veins? After all, this is the same heart, the same body, the same blood, the same cholesterol. Why is it only my arteries suffering from plaque? "And if your doctor can answer you, it will immediately become clear that cholesterol is not the culprit.

An artery and a vein differ in the following: the arteries have an extra muscular layer to give the blood pressure enough to reach distant parts of the body. In terms of vulnerability to acid in our body, muscle tissue is in the first place. You know how muscles hurt after hard physical work or sports. This means that the Krebs cycle does not have enough energy and then one glucose molecule breaks down into two parts, which leads to the formation of two molecules of lactic acid, and it is this that is the reason for the formation of holes in your muscles.

Now consider what happens to people when they become calcium deficient. This means that they are now full of lactic acid. It is she who eats the holes in the arteries. But if holes appear in the arteries, then you will die. The body simply puts on low-density lipoprotein (i.e., cholesterol) patches to prevent bleeding.

Most interestingly, cholesterol is believed to be the culprit. To think so means it is necessary to blame the firefighters for the fact that furniture and other property suffers from the water they pour into the fire. Fire is the culprit. The same is in our case.

The real culprit is acid. And the reason for its appearance is the lack of minerals. Therefore, when Dr. Rich treated his patients for calcium deficiency, this also automatically extended to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Bob Bremner: Oh, that's very important. You know that heart disease and cancer are the number one and number two killers in this country, and you know how expensive treatment is. It turns out that we have a chance to prevent this for some pennies a day. It's amazing.

Bob Barefoot: Yes, and you know what else is interesting about this process? When the doctor examines the blood test, he sees a large amount of calcium. And then he says: "There is a lot of calcium in the blood, it is necessary to reduce its consumption." The reason calcium is in the blood is because the blood carries calcium from one place to another. calcium is scarce everywhere. And it is not enough because there is little of it in the small intestine. If you consume enough calcium, then it will not be in the blood.

When it comes to coral calcium, I fully supported the way coral calcium works 25 years ago, when your company didn't exist.

Did you know that a person at the age of 60 can only produce 25% of the amount of acid that they produced at the age of 20? And a person in his 60s needs a lot of calcium. When a 20-year-old is taking calcium supplements, enough hydrochloric acid (i.e. stomach acid) is produced in his stomach to absorb this calcium. But when the same supplements are taken by a person at the age of 60, he simply does not have enough acid to absorb this calcium and it is simply removed from the body.

In the case of coral calcium, acid is not needed. Your body receives calcium already in the ionic state, i.e. he does not need to spend titanic efforts on assimilation. The product is served in such a way that it is absorbed instantly. Although work has not yet been done to measure the amount of calcium that is absorbed, a number of things still need to be done, but I can say that a product such as coral calcium makes it possible to absorb a lot, a lot of calcium. And if you read the book "The Calcium Factor", then in it you will see links to hundreds and hundreds of scientists, and among them several dozen well-known Nobel Prize winners, so that you can be convinced that these are facts and that science is doing it.
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