Terms of use
These terms of the use are presented in English for informational purposes only. Only the original version of this agreement, presented in the state language of the Republic of Latvia has legal force.

1. General conditions

Before you decide to place your order, carefully read the rules of purchase in the Coral Sango store (SIA Sango Imports). And if you agree with all the specified conditions, click the confirm button and proceed to checkout. All terms of cooperation with the Buyer are given below.

SIA Sango Imports, registration number 40003605503, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", offers the product - food additive CORAL WATER, available on the official website sango.lv for its "Buyers". After reviewing the terms described below, as well as the privacy policy, terms of delivery, return and exchange, advertising services and other functions, the Buyer automatically agrees that he will comply with these terms and conditions in full and without restrictions. The terms and conditions described elsewhere on the site are part of these terms of use.

If the Buyer has purchased the CORAL WATER food additive offered on the website sango.lv, hereinafter referred to as "goods", then such an agreement should be considered as a "Distance Agreement" in compliance with all the rules listed in the directive of the European Parliament and Council (97-7 -EEC) about the protection of the buyer's rights regarding distance agreements. Also, these conditions are based on the norms prescribed in the Law of the Republic of Latvia "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", as well as in the "Distance Contract Rules", which were created by the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

If you agree to abide by these rules, you at the same time confirm that you are an adult and capable person.
If the Buyer is a legal entity, then in order to receive the goods, the company must provide an authorized person with the appropriate document - a power of attorney.

SIA Sango Imports reserves the rule to unilaterally change the content of the site and the working conditions of its resource at sango.lv. After the publication on the site of the changes made in the work of the online store, they immediately enter into their legal force.

2. Personal data and its use

When making purchases in the Coral Sango online store (SIA Sango Imports), the client automatically agrees to the use of his personal data, which was entered when registering on the site, when receiving goods or using the site for the purpose of processing and fulfilling an order.

Also, the Seller has the right to transfer this data to third parties for delivery, confirmation of payments, formation of a client base and statistical indicators.

All personal data that was entered on the website of the Coral Sango store (SIA Sango Imports), as well as used when making purchases, are confidential data. Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports), in turn, undertakes not to sell or lend its customers' contact information to other market participants.

3. Confidentiality of personal data

Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) has no right to publish and distribute information about its clients, transfer it to third parties.

The buyer is given the right to verify his personal data, as well as to delete them from the client base or another register.
Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) stands on the side of protecting the rights and freedoms of its clients, the inviolability of their privacy in relation to their personal data. The company is guided in its actions by the directive from the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (65/46 / EC) on the protection of individuals in the analysis of personal data and further movement information.

In the cases provided for by law, the online store receives the right to disclose personal information about its customers, but only if these situations are spelled out in the Law of the Republic of Latvia "On the Protection of Personal Data". Therefore, our clients should be aware that when certain authorities act on behalf of the law and require the disclosure of the personal data of our clients, we will provide them with full information about you.

If the Buyer who decided to buy a product in our online store has not reached the age of majority or is not 100% capable, then any authorized person (father, mother or guardian) can buy the product for him. At the same time, it is impossible to cancel an order already made, just as it is impossible to return the goods so that the Buyer can return his money.

4. Goods, services for individual use

The CORAL WATER food supplement presented on our website is intended solely for personal use. Customers are not allowed to sell CORAL WATER food supplement purchased from us to third parties. If Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) notices any suspicious activity in the actions of its customers, which at its discretion may contradict the terms of this agreement, the company reserves the right (with or without notice) to reduce the order quantity.

5. Relevance of information

Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) does everything to ensure that the description of the action of the CORAL WATER food additive is as accurate as possible.

6. Pricing policy

The online store Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) indicates prices for its goods exclusively in EUR. The published price already includes VAT (21%), as well as other taxes, if they are provided for the proposed product.

7. Cancellation of goods

In accordance with current legislation, the Buyer has the right to return the goods purchased at Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase (receipt of the goods in hand).

8. Limited liability

The buyer agrees that even following all laws, Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) does not take responsibility for any interruptions or errors that may occur in the site. This condition is met regardless of the reason for the site failure.

Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) is not responsible for:

- Interruptions in work or delays in processing information on the site.
- Failure or incorrect filling of data, their distortion, loss or other changes.
- Situations that occur outside of human thinking.
- Network viruses in the computer, system malfunctions, software problems that occur when accessing our website using the existing hyperlinks.

9. About copyright

All content of the Coral Sango website (SIA Sango Imports), correspondence (electronic and regular), marketing information intended to promote the online store on other resources are the property of Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports). The republishing of the content or the complete correspondence of it (in part or in whole) is strictly prohibited, with the exception of a few situations:

- Copying of content is allowed for personal use only.
- Copying or republishing the content of the Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) website is permitted for use by third parties, provided that you point the Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) home page as the source by adding an entry-level URL.

10. Disclaimer

If the Buyer erroneously informs third parties about the guarantees presented on our website, then all losses, damages and payments in legal proceedings are transferred to the Buyer.

11. Conflicts and disagreements

In the event of a conflict situation with Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports), the rights and obligations of both parties stipulated by these terms and conditions shall be exclusively regulated by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

Both parties hereby confirm that all disputes or conflicts on the part of the Buyer arising from failure to fulfill obligations under the Distance Agreement, the Buyer and the Seller will try to resolve through peaceful negotiations.

In cases where the parties cannot resolve the dispute peacefully, they submit all their claims and disputes to any Latvian court for consideration.

The only exception can be the case when the Buyer has violated or wanted to violate the intellectual property rights of Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports). In this case, the company has every right to obtain an order (or other document of legal protection) in any court of the Republic of Latvia, and the Buyer will be obliged to comply and fulfill all the conditions prescribed by the court.

Both parties agree on the geographic location of the conflict settlement, adhering to the Rules of the European Parliament 953/2008.

All claims regarding the properties and condition of the goods (if these characteristics do not coincide with the terms of the user agreement) are considered in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, address: Kr. Valdemāra iela 157, Riga, Latvia, LV - 1013.

In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) regarding the protection of personal information, either of the parties can go to court, and the Buyer has the right to also contact the State Data Inspectorate at: LV - 1011, Latvia, Riga, Blaumaņa iela 11 / 13-15.

12. General conditions

The Buyer agrees that all the listed conditions constitute a full agreement between the Coral Sango store (SIA Sango Imports) and the Buyer in relation to the site, its content and use by the Buyer.

Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) reserves the right to change or specify these conditions at any time, while indicating the date of the last update on the website. Any changes take effect as soon as they are published. The buyer agrees that if he continues to use the site, he agrees to all the changes made. Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) reserves the right to revoke or revoke the granted rights and opportunities in this regard.

Any changes, including termination of use of the site, if necessary, must be followed by the Buyer immediately.

Nothing in the sense and terms of these terms and conditions should be construed as a relationship between partners or the formation of another type of joint venture between the Buyer and Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports). In cases where Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) failed to fulfill all the conditions regarding its obligations to the Buyer, you can demand the fulfillment of all obligations, both before and after.

13. Circumstances of force majeure

Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) is not responsible for the delay in the execution of an order or its complete non-fulfillment if the reason for this is circumstances that Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) has no power to restrain or control. For example, wars, national emergencies, strikes, natural disasters, radical actions of the Latvian government, terrorist acts, natural disasters and anomalies, computer or software failures, Internet disconnections by third parties. Should such situations arise, Coral Sango (SIA Sango Imports) will try to correct them as soon as possible.
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