How it all began
Coral Sango - corals that grow around the island of Okinawa have an amazing feature: they cleanse the water from harmful impurities, structure the water, increase the pH and saturate the water with 74 macro and microelements in an ionic, easily assimilated form.

The impact of the obtained water on the human body and its uniqueness are described in numerous patents in Japan, USA, UK, Korea, EU.

Since 1963, a Japanese company (Marine Bio Co..LTD), accredited by the Japanese government for the extraction and processing of Sango corals, which began to be used as a reagent to obtain healthy drinking water. Since 1995 Marine Bio Co..LTD has started to produce CORAL WATER product for home use.

In 2000, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES LLC was established to represent the product on the European market. In agreement with the manufacturer, the company registered the CORAL WATER trademark.

In 2002, SIA "Sango imports" was registered, which fully transferred to ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES LLC and continued to distribute the original CORAL WATER product.
Our mission
Japan's ancient knowledge and advanced technologies have always earned immense respect throughout the world. This includes issues of health and longevity.

We see it as our mission to bring experience and offer a remedy of the nation that has achieved the world's longest life expectancy and make it accessible to everyone.
Our goal
We want to show people who care about their health that:

1. Good health is not expensive
2. Simple things can bring even more benefit and joy
3. Life is priceless and its duration is in the hands of each of us
  • Marina
    My husband and I are raising two beautiful daughters. Their health has always come first for us, but a big city negatively affects immunity due to pollution.

    Unfortunately, children are not always accommodating even to a complex of vitamins, so we decided to use Coral Sango. Water is quick and easy to prepare, and most importantly, children drink it with pleasure.

    No one has been sick in our house for a long time. Thanks!
  • Pavel
    I learned about coral water in 2017 from my family doctor when I was just starting to fight with high cholesterol. At that time, I was taking serious medications and did not want to increase their list.

    A year after the beginning of the course, I forgot not only about the problems with cholesterol, but also got rid of some of the consequences of taking medications.

    Thank you!
  • Janis
    I lead an active lifestyle, go in for professional sports, so I use different supplements for athletes. But then Covid-19 came, gyms closed, I was forced to reduce the number of workouts and give up sports nutrition. It has become more difficult to keep fit and be in a good mood.

    I heard about Coral Sango from the coach before, so I decided to try it. The result pleasantly surprised me - I began to drink more water and eat less snacks, and experience sudden mood swings less often.
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