Coral Water

Contents: 5 packs, each with 6 sachets of 1 g
(total 30 sachets).
Brand: MARINE BIO CO. LTD, Japan
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CORAL WATER® product is used to prepare healthy drinking water from ordinary tap water.

Due to their natural qualities, Sango corals cleanse water from harmful impurities and chlorine, raise the pH of the water, release 74 minerals into the water in an ionic, easily digestible form, structure the water, and structured water more easily penetrates the cell and more easily delivers nutrition in the form of minerals.
It is necessary for person to drink fresh, pure water every day!
Water is the most important component, what is necessary for human's survival. It takes second place after the oxygen.

A man can survive without meal no more than 90 days, but if he is deprived of oxygen, the death will come in some minutes. Without water a man can survive for some days.

All liquids which our bodies produce consist of water and it is a component of all its tissues, cells, lymph, blood and internal secretion iron.

Water controls the temperature of man's body and takes the slag and toxic waste away from organism.

The majority of us are always suffering from chronic shortage of water, but even do not understand it. When we drink tea, coffee, tinned drinks or alcohol – we are just aggravating the situation. All these drinks dehydrate an organism, but alcohol load liver and kidneys.

At the hot time with sweat we lose the great amount of water, what makes our blood hyper viscous and the probability of blood clots formation also raises.
Benefits of using
  • Prevents the development of cardiovascular disease
  • Cleans and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restores their elasticity, normalizes blood pressure
  • Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system
  • Significantly relieves Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • Strengthens bones, prevents the development of arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis
  • Positive results in diabetes, lowers blood sugar
  • "Washes out" cholesterol
  • Helps cleanse the liver, kidneys and the whole body from toxins
  • Promotes blood thinning, prevents the formation of blood clots, saturates the blood with oxygen, improves blood formula
  • Relieves allergy problems, calcium ions have an anti-allergic effect
  • Positive results in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helpful for oncological diseases
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